Yahweh Passover: From Genesis Through Revelation

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Transcript 1:  Why Keep the Passover?

Transcript 2:  The Mystery of the Firstborn Revealed

Transcript 3:  Yahweh Passover: The Law

Transcript 4:  We Are Suffering Divine Affliction--Why?

Transcript 5:  The Divine Token--Blood of the Lamb

Transcript 6:  Vengeance--The Day of Yahweh

Transcript 7:  Yahweh Ben Yahweh: The Lamb's Blood

Transcript 8:  Destruction: The Sign of the Messiah

Because the Bible is written in many different ways (parabolically, allegorically, figuratively, metaphorically, et cetera), only at the coming of Yahweh Ben Yahweh, the Son of Yahweh, will the Bible be decoded. The true meanings of Passover, blood upon the door post, the firstborn, blood of the Lamb, and drinking of blood as a sacrificial offering are deciphered. The penetrating eye opener of what these signs mean will give you the SHOCK of your life.

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