The Age of Judgment, Volume 1

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Transcript 1:      Let Yahweh Ben Yahweh Tell You What Yahweh Did For Him

Transcript 2:      Who Are You Going To Bow To?

The law of Yahweh is perfect. So, if you are without the law of Yahweh, you are imperfect. No matter how good you are, you are still imperfect. And I am here to establish perfection. I will not be satisfied with anything less than perfection. You can and should aspire to perfection. That is a goal that is attainable by man and it’s desirable. And it’s a simple process locked up in the laws of Yahweh. I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT THE PERFECT GOD, YAHWEH, IS HERE TO SAVE ALL MEN WHO WANT TO BE MORAL. AND I LOVE EVERY MORAL MAN ON EARTH.

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Product Name The Age of Judgment, Volume 1
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