The Substance of Faith

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Transcript 1:  Yahweh Ben Yahweh Is Superior to Angels

Transcript 2:  A Call to Persevere and We Shall Overcome

Transcript 3:  A True Believer Is Known By His Works

Transcript 4:  True Believers Are Kept in Joyfulness

Transcript 5:  True Believers Are Kept in Purity

Transcript 6:  True Believers Are Kept Separated From The World

Transcript 7:  True Believers Are Kept In The Process of Sanctification

Transcript 8:  True Believers Are Kept in Active Service

The substance of your faith determines your destiny. One's faith is measured by the substance upon which it is based. It is important to understand the concoction of that substance or your faith may be based upon a shallow foundation. Faith is to have confidence in things hoped for. It is the substance of your faith that helps you to endure and undertake those roads you have never traveled. Read these transcripts and learn how the "substance" of your faith can manifest all things hoped for.

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