From Poverty To Riches (Television Series)

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Transcript 1:       Who Are You?

 Transcript 2:      Who Is YBY?

 Transcript 3:      Who Is Yahweh?

 Transcript 4:      We Teach Our Own

 Transcript 5:      Who Are You, Black Man of America?

 Transcript 6:      What Must You Do To Live Forever?

 Transcript 7:      You Must Be Generous To Enter Heaven

 Transcript 8:      To Be Free, You Must Be Charitable

 Transcript 9:      Yahweh Is Royal--You Must Be Royal

 Transcript 10:    To Be Queenly or Kingly, You Must Study

 Transcript 11:    Charity Is Your Inheritance

 Transcript 12:    Holy Jerusalem Descending From Heaven

 Transcript 13:    The Great City--A Holy City

 Transcript 14:    Qualify To Live In The Great City

 Transcript 15:    I Have Jobs For Everybody on The Planet Earth

 Transcript 16:    You Must Be Free From Meanness

 Transcript 17:    Being Rich Is Simple

 Transcript 18:    Charity:  The Bond of Perfection

 Transcript 19:    Charity Is A Must

 Transcript 20:    Generosity:  Free From Meanness

 Transcript 21:    Why You Must Improve Your Character

 Transcript 22:    Only YBY Has The Power To Rescue You

 Transcript 23:    Good Is The Key To Perfection

 Transcript 24:    Our Children's Nature Is To Be Good

 Transcript 25:    YBY Reaches Out To All Good People

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