Behold, A Throne Was Set In Heaven

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12-Disc Set

12-Disc Set

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Disc 1:  The Throne: The Capital of New Jerusalem

Disc 2:  The Twenty-Four Elders: A Sinless Administrative Body

Disc 3:  All Nations Shall Come Before The Throne

Disc 4:  New Jerusalem: A Rich and Well-Protected City

Disc 5:  The First Seraph Is Highest In Authority

Disc 6:  The Second Seraph Fears Yahweh Not Man

Disc 7:  The Third Seraph Withstands Violence

Disc 8:  The Fourth Seraph Has Divine Sensory Perception

Disc 9:  Cherubims: The Seraphims’ Secret Servants

Disc 10:  The Solemn Oath To Protect The Throne Forever

Disc 11:  The Seraphims’ Voluntary Commitment to Yahweh Ben Yahweh

Disc 12:  Worship Yahweh Ben Yahweh Who Lives Forever



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Product Name Behold, A Throne Was Set In Heaven
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